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Traumatic or Life-Changing Circumstances

Legal Assistance

Areas of Practice

Automobile & Semi/Big Truck Collisions

After an automobile collision, motorcycle wreck, or a collision with a “big rig” semi-truck, you may very well find yourself suffering from a great deal of pain, discomfort, or objective medical injury.

Wrongful Death

We at Rusty Smith Law Group understand losing a loved one is always difficult. If his or her death could have been prevented or was caused by another’s negligence, you have our commitment to diligently work for you and provide you with legal representation you can count on.

Catastrophic Loss

Many times, after a traumatic event or accident, individuals are left to deal with a lifetime of inconvenience and ongoing medical and life-care planning issues.

General Civil & Business Litigation

You may find yourself in a situation that is related to the law and litigation, but unrelated to any of the practice areas above or are otherwise noncriminal.

Insurance & "Bad Faith" Litigation

After a house fire, tornado, roofing incident, accident or other loss, we depend on insurance companies to keep their promise and help us recover.

Premises Liability

Our team is well trained in recognizing and understanding the nuances involved when you suffer injury on someone else’s property or business.

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